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Chinese Songs And Music

1 CD

Chinese Music

Gongs And Drums of Celebration - II (CD)

慶 鑼鼓 二

Percussion instruments of various kinds have been used in China for thousands of years. With the versatility in technique and styles, Chinese percussion music has gradually changed and developed over the centuries. On this CD, 12 folk tunes representative of the different regions in China are presented in the most lively and touching performance, presenting the joy of Chinese New Year. Titles are in Chinese and English.



  1. General Command (southern piece) 將軍令 南
  2. Fuenyang Drum 鳳陽花鼓
  3. Music for Chinese Lion Dance 醒獅舞曲
  4. Celebrating the Prosperous Year 普天樂
  5. Congratulation Tune 恭喜發財
  6. Perfect Scene 花好月圓
  7. General Command (northern piece) 將軍令 北
  8. Song of Joy 歡樂歌
  9. Dragon Boat Competition 賽龍奪錦
  10. Stepping Higher 大步步高
  11. Celebration Tune 娛樂昇平
  12. Ferrying a Beautiful Girl 桃花過渡

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