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Chinese Children's Songs And Music


10 CD's

English/Mandarin Chinese



Baby & Early Childhood Education Songs & Stories

CD1: 14 cradle songs & music (English)

CD2: 10 cradle songs & music (English)

CD3: 14 baby/toddler songs & music (English)

CD4: 10 baby/toddler songs & music (English)

CD5: 12 baby/toddler songs & music (English)

CD6-8: 20 Chinese children songs each (Mandarin)

CD9: Chinese children stories (Mandarin)

CD10: 20 Chinese children songs each (Mandarin)

It's very economical to buy this complete up to date collection. Your children will enjoy listening to them over and over again. Even when they grow up, these songs will still come back to them. The words of the 200 songs are printed on a large piece of paper included in the package.



  Price: $36.95




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