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 Why Buy Chinese Children Videos, Books & CDs?

We feel being a parent of a Child of Chinese Extract has some responsibilities for teaching them about Chinese Culture and Chinese Language we provide the tools (Books, Tapes, CD's, Video's) to make this easier. We believe the benefits greatly outweigh the time and effort invested.


chinese children movies DVDs bilingual english chinese child videos Children Learning Chinese is difficult and there is no use? 

Some children say that it's hard to learn Chinese! They believe that learning Chinese is a waste of time. So what happens if they want to do business in the Giant Global Market, Full of Opportunities, especially in China?

Do they get a Translator because their Chinese is lousy? Because their Chinese schools was basically a place for babysitting? That their parents thought it was more important to learn English, so they never taught them Chinese?

Do they use their Kindergarten Level Chinese with an accent, or take classes in Chinese as an adult? Hopefully, they won't have an American accent. Or will they ask their parents, Why did you not force me to learn Chinese? It would have helped me so much now!

Or are they lucky that their parents took the time to read them Chinese books as Children and spoke to them in Chinese, knowing they would learn English at school and on TV anyway, and they now speak Chinese like a native?

We hope number three. The best time for Children to learn another language is as a child before puberty, so they speak like a native and learn very easy.  It can start by parents reading Chinese children's story books to them at early ages.  We provide quality books that are fun and educational in Chinese for children to help in this process.

Hanyu Pinyin (Roman Pinyin) will show children how to pronounce Chinese words. Writing Chinese Characters is demonstrated stroke by stroke in many of our products.


chinese sesame street - animal everywhere - child VCDs videos  Adopted Chinese children wanting to learn English!

Chinese children being adopted by English speaking families have the need to learn English.  There are books and CDs or bilingual Chinese DVDs/VCDs which can be very useful.  We highly recommend these materials being used to smooth their transition into the English speaking world.


As parents, we have made the commitment that our child is being brought up as bilingual, so she/he learns English and Mandarin/Cantonese.  We feel this ability will help her/him make the most of the opportunities that life presents.



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