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Our Mission

Our mission at Liberty House Company is to provide high quality Culture and Language Chinese children's items, so Children and Adults can learn the language, the culture, and the identity and dignity of Chinese Heritage. We want your experience to be like going to a local store, where you would walk in, be greeted by name by the owner, and given some tea while you browse through our store and leave with a positive feeling.

As parents, we owe our Children to teach them about their heritage and culture while they are young. The reason we started chinesetapes.com and bestchinashop.com was our personal experience in trying to get quality Chinese Children Videos and Books in the US.

Our goal as parents is to have our daughter be excellent in both American and Chinese Culture, and be able to speak both English and Chinese without an accent. We see teaching our daughter Chinese as essential in giving our daughter the best experience in childhood and one of the greatest gifts we can ever give her.

Teachers all say it is very important to read to your children, because this will help them in school. We would add one thing: it is important to have reading done both in Chinese and English.

We realize our site is not perfect and is a constant work in process. We are constantly working to improve our site to make your customer experience the best possible.

Sincerely Yours,

Liberty House company